ATTENTION ´2,3,1´ 7"

ATTENT!ON "2,3,1" Single
V.W. 126 | Ltd. Edition 7" on coloured vinyl | EUR 2,55

Attent!on are back with new songs. Throughout all this time, the individual members remained in contact, and met again for the first time in 12 years in the Summer of 2003. The last time all four of them had been in the same room was when they made one of their 4(!) rare Live-appearances.
Ignoring the fact that Gustav dropped playing drums 8 years ago, after having suffered a stroke, three songs were arranged and rehearsed within just as many days. And recorded and mixed on a 4th day. The only compromise to the old bandslogan: "Just book the studio, something has gotta come of it", was the fact that this time Viggo and Kent had written the music and lyrics in advance.
The result has just been released on Viking Wreckchords, as a limited edition 7"Inch. Responsable for the frontcover is legendary comic artist Kim Schmidt (, we promise his work will stirr a bit of shit in the "hardcore-scene" :-)

Produced by Joszi Sorokowski at White Noise Tonstudio, Hamburg.

1) She's Feeling Better Now - 2) 5 Wheel Drive - 3) The War Is Over

Line Up:
Martin Billert - Bass
Gustav Kaspereit - Drums
Viggo Mastad - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kent Nielsen - Vocals

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  ATTENTION ´Greetings From Norway´ 7"

ATTENT!ON "Greetings From Norway" Single
(SIS 007)| Single EUR 2,55

"If groove is the almighty thing, and if it wasn't for a wellknow U.K.-band of that same name, Attent!on could change their name to "THE ALMIGHTY" right away! 'Cos these four ugly faces handle "da groove" with a supiriousity and coolness which is hard to label otherwise than fucking brilliant!! Attent!on are dangerous! If you want lust, life, sex & hate, here is where you can order, satisfaction guaranteed!!! The 7" covers two tracks "Last Night", a "pop" song with a classic theme, and "From Brooklyn To Avalon" that brings up the worst in you, leaving the "jaws"-like riffs in your head for days!"

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