ISRAELVIS "Albino Blue"
Twah! 018 | CA EUR 2,55 / CD EUR 2,55

Three Norwegian hoodlums, crouched by the fire - soemwhere off the beaten track. Be prepared - coz when they start playing the glacier above disintegrates. Massive blocks of ice melt instantly on the fretboard of the guitar. As the trckle grows to a flood, elements of rare and ancient beauty appear: It may be rock, hardcore, metal, techno, beatles or ballads. It certainly is a flow of carefully composed songs that soar to wuthering heights and .... faithfully return to the basic pounding riffs. That is how tension is created! - the tension so unique to Israelvis. After several European tours a helluvá lot of people have learned to appreciate this band. There has been enough walking in circles. Follow Israelvis - off the beaten track!
A master piece in it's very own right!

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ISRAELVIS We Only Live Twice

ISRAELVIS "We Only Live Twice/Half Past H."
Twah! 011 | CA EUR 2,55

Cassette contains both "Half Past Heaven" and the "We Only Live Twice" CD, with cover version of ABBA's S.O.S.

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ISRAELVIS Half Past Heaven

ISRAELVIS "Half Past Heaven"
DGF 002 | LP EUR 7,75

The missing link between Cure and Voivod! Soooo good!! V/ Aupairs cover version.

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