ONE BAR TOWN Steal, Nick & Borrow
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ONE BAR TOWN "Steal, Nick & Borrow"
VW 128 CD | Distributed by NMD | EUR 3,99

Unrequited love and broken hearts, suicidal tendencies and feeling restless, junkies and drinkers, dreams and traumas, family and manslaughter - all of it themes, who've been waiting for 4 long years to be picked up again by One Bar Town. And finally, the fivepiece answered the call. Via their new, and fourth, album.
'Steal, Nick & Borrow' easily steer clear of all sentimental sentiments when dealing with the abovementioned rather serious issues. Instead One Bar Town have written the songs, you would also have expected from the likes of: R.E.M., The Cardigans or Wilco, on the lyrical subject matter.

One Bar Town doesn't just stick to Country, Bluegrass or Rootsrock on their fourth album. While they always stayed to true to their roots on their previous albums: 'Power Of Principles' (2001), 'Say Me A Rosary' (2003) and 'Boy Scout Songs' (2004). On 'Steal, Nick & Borrow' they really stretch their musical boundaries. From captivating ballads ('Why I Don't Drive The Van'), over hookdriven Rocksongs ('Smallish Victories'), to catchy folk tunes ('The MacDonald Route'). Elsewhere the poptinged 60s sound of 'My Suicide Note' reminds you of scenes from Robert Altmans' cultmovie 'M*A*S*H' from 1970, and Johnny Mandel's brilliant song 'Suicide Is Painless'. Big screen cinema so to speak!

"The band from the high north, fronted by Danish Kent Nielsen, continue to dig deep into to musical roots of the United States on their fourth album. Flawless Americana Beat and Streetdog Songs about drinkers, junkies and other loosers".
Uli Lemke/Blue Rhythm

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  ONE BAR TOWN Boy Scout Songs
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ONE BAR TOWN "Boy Scout Songs"
Twah! 127 CD | Distributed by NMD | EUR 3,99

One Bar Town have unstrapped their electric guitars for the time being, and recorded an acoustic album at Tom Spötter's Out-O-Space Studio. The new songs, recorded live in the studio, reduces the band sound to the bare essentials, where the focus is on the song itself. Of the 10 tunes, 9 are originals, and one a cover of the Canadian Singer/Songwriter Wendy McNeill's 'Fall Girl'.
In addition to One Bar Towns previous blend of Roots Rock, Twisted Hillbilly and the odd outbreak towards Cow Punk, elements of Swing Jazz, Bluegrass, Folk and Rockabilly are thrown into the pot.
Together with Twah!, One Bar Town have decided to make 'Boy Scout Songs' a "Mailorder Only" item for the time being. Available from on Oct 1st, to coincide with the October leg of the Boy Scout Songs Tour. The CD comes in a beautifully packaged digifile cover, and is strictly limited to 1100 copies.

" ... a five-piece who pack in enough styles to cram a whole jukebox. Taking on all-comers from murderous hillbilly to campus folk, bluegrass, country and swing, 'Boy Scout Songs' is seriously wired from start to finish". Uncut (UK)

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  ONE BAR TOWN Say Me A Rosary
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ONE BAR TOWN "Say Me A Rosary"
Twah! 124 CD | EUR 3,99

One Bar Town are now ready with their 2nd album entitled 'Say Me A Rosary', an electric and rocking display of songwriting with an edge. One Bar Town will be playing a series of festival appearances over the summer, and a tour in Oct/Nov.
And the atmosphere and mood in One Bar Town's music you ask? Well picture yourself in a small farming town, surrounded by nothing but corn fields. Like in the movie U-Turn, a place you only go to by accident. Most significant in this dreary town is a barn-like building with an awkward out of place neon sign that spells B-A-R. Not a soul in sight. Music filters out through the walls of the bar. And you hear roots rock, twisted hillbilly, topped with an occasional kick of cow punk. That's when you know you're in a one bar town...

" ... Comes with a lot more muscle than their Americana-flavoured debut" Rolling Stone (D)

"Say Me A Rosary" shows the danish/german fivepiece as a streetsmart gang fusioning Punkattitude with Americana." Jazz Thing (D)

"Roots Rock with a strong twist towards Country/Rockabilly, groovy presentation with their sleeves rolled up" ORF-Teletext (A)

" ... An Americana album which, similar to Jason & The Scorchers, presents a highly energetic version of the genre" Gä

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  ONE BAR TOWN Power Of Principles
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ONE BAR TOWN "Power Of Principles"
Twah! 120 CD | EUR 3,99

One Bar Town started about 2 years ago, at the beginning they were often seen supporting the likes of: Calexico, Pressgang, Neal Casal and Todd Thibaud a.o. However the fiercely independent fivepiece, who're armed with a 110% D.I.Y. attitude to boot, started headlining their own national tours of Germany at an incredible pace, especially hard to believe when one consider the desolated climate of the current german live scene.

# 1 in CD-Check / 6 six out of six 6 Punkte / CD of the month. InMusic (D)

"One Bar Town celebrates Country Rock, sometimes Swamp tainted, sometimes Bluegrass coloured, mostly straight and rather impressive!" Rolling Stone (D)

"Tasty mix of Singer/Songwriter-Stuff, Rock and Americana." Access All Areas (D )

" ... a very warm sounding album full of depth and very well produced" Classic Rock Society

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