V/A SEKA ["Sister"]
Twah! 113 CD | EUR 1,99
First volume of the excellent benefit compilation series featuring some of the best acts from Scotland, England, Ireland & the US.
Alison Krauss & Union Station, Capercaillie, Whiskey Priests,
Eliza Carthy
, Oysterband, Ralph McTell, The John Doe Thing,
Mary Black
, Maddy Prior, Show Of Hands, Pressgang,
Mary Coughlan
, Forrester, Jackie Leven, Rory McLeod,
Chis & Carla
, Shane MacGowan & The Popes,

"When you buy 'SEKA - Sister' When you buy 17 of the best songs of freedom, injustice, despair and hope performed by the world's mightiest sontemporary folk performers - and that is not a hype."
The Advertiser

" 'SEKA - Sister' is an essential purchase" Rock'n'Reel

"Think of it as a benefit record or a diverse (though mostly British) folk sampler, either way it's a win-win situation" Dirty Linen

Total running time 73:03 min

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V/A SEKA ["Sister"] Vol. 2
Twah! 115 CD | EUR 1,99
Second volume of the much acclaimed benefit compilation! The 22, mostly exclusive or rare songs, once again offers a competent overview on the current Singer/Songwriter scene, this time focussing on North America but not forgetting the European talent in the process.

Tom Waits, Rosie Flores, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Steve Knightley, Odgers & Simmonds, Tom Russell, Townes van Zandt, Mekons, TV Smith, Justin Sullivan & Dave Blomberg, Nadine, Hitchin' Post, Chuck Prophet, The Good Sons, Black 47, Neko Case & The Sadies, Billy Bragg, Loudon Wainwright III, Freakwater, Hazeldine, Kelly Willis, Great Big Sea

Total runnig time 78:03 min

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V/A SEKA ["Sister"] Vol. 3
Twah! 115 CD | EUR 1,99
Third volume of the much acclaimed benefit compilation, containing, mostly exclusive or rare songs by: Lonesome Bob, Caitlin Cary, Shawn Sahm, Kevin Salem, Amy Rigby, Two Dollar Pistols a.o.

"Again Twah! has brought together handpicked songs by artists representing the No Depression scene; From the young & wild, the country rockers, the folkpunks and big city cowboys, all of them dwelling on the bleakness of everyday life, in which every songwriter's looking for a glimmer of hope, successfully avoiding cheap sloganeering." Blue Rhythm

Total runnig time 74:18 min

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Seka ["Sister"]: affectionate Serbo-Croatian term; SEKA abbreviation of seminarna kuca ["House of Seminars"]; also a House for Seminars and Recreation for traumatised women and children living in the war zones of former Yugoslavia on the Adriatic island Brac (Croatia); where women and children of all ethnic and religious groups can meet in an atmosphere of respect, openness and mutual understanding - in a grass roots contribution to a peace process; The project sprang out of the relationship between the women's co-operatives working in the Hamburg area (Sukaina and SEKA Hamburg e.V.) and women's projects in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Serbia that had been formed in response to the war.

The SEKA project is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel for those Women and children who get the chance to come out of the former war zones and stay at this beautifully situated house. Here they can generate new energy and hope to face their daily struggle when returning to their homes. "Even though the war itself might be over, it has yet to end for those who survived it".