The Men They Couldn't Hang -  The Cherry Red Jukebox
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The Men They Couldn't Hang "The Cherry Red Jukebox"
Twah! 125 CD | EUR 3,99

Unashamed music for the ordinary person and their extraordinary experiences, comprising personal reminiscence, observation and stories set in the here and now. Rock, folk, blues, punk, and country are the musical themes, blended in the unique TMTCH style. From the subways of Hammersmith in London, around the world and back to the same old dirty subways - this is the story of what happened to the punk generation. It's also the story of what happened to TMTCH.

" ... Roaming through folklore and punk history, combining fiddles and rock, always on the side of the underdogs" Jazzthing (D)

" ... smooth and tasty, switching between fast and slow, unpredictable as real life is" ORF-Teletext (A)

"The mixture is still full of disrespect, often disturbing (because every song accelerates into another different character) and brilliant. Long may you run." (D)

"Could it be that I am absolutely going bonkers again? Yes I am!" Stupid Over You Fanzine (D)

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