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Ukes Of Tomorrow

UKES OF TOMORROW – new album „Seconds Of Our Lives“
Cranking the volume up to 11 isn’t hard to do. Ukes of Tomorrow pull the plug and offer a different kind of “acoustic evening”. But, although people will be stunned at their interpretations of classics by; The Jam, Joy Division or Sisters Of Mercy, the duo is now increasingly digging for deeper and not quite so obvious tracks from the back catalogues of; TV Smith, Big Country, Bob Mould, Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Kalashnikov, The Damned or The Descendents – to name just a few. Completed by funny anecdotes about the songs, the odd folk tune or a nod towards their beloved Grunge era by way of Temple Of The Dog for instance.

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A life in the Danish Punk & Hardcore scene

‘How I didn’t turn out a dancer’ is the story of the Danish Punk & Hardcore scene during the years 1978-1988, as seen through the eyes of Kent. A story about almost boundless creativity, rebelling, violence, addiction and growing up the hard way. In 1980 Kent Nielsen, then in high school, was looking for a cure for small town traumas. Seeking refuge in the nearby Danish city of Odense, Kent soon found himself a new home in the growing local punk rock community, singing and performing with various punk and no wave bands. In 1985 he joined the Danish hardcore band L.U.L.L., who released two critically acclaimed albums during the late 80s, which helped define the sound of European Hardcore. Kent experienced 10 years that shaped him forever, the way it shaped all the kids who were part of this Punk and squatters scene. It’s amazing how many bands, fanzines, shows and happenings were coming out of this small, and apparently oh so cozy, country.

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