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Danish Dynamite, that’s what to expect from this new old band. From the point of view of the music-world and fans, the four protagonists are old acquaintances, because they all have decades of stage experience. Together again, they’re no loudmouths, yet still they clearly know what they want and where their music is headed. Like old red wine or whiskey that gets better and better taste-wise over the years. During the 80s, vocalist Kent Nielsen and guitarist Lars M. Thomsen played together in the Hardcore Punk band LEBEN UND LEBEN LASSEN (L.U.L.L.), which toured Europe several times and became quite well known. Drummer Francis Nørgaard Jensen, used to play funk metal with KINKY BOOT BEAST, while bassist Jonny Paw played hard metal thrash for SLICED PIMPLES at the end of the 80s. So all four gained extensive live experience. 12 year ago FREAKLINERS came together, but apparently it wasn’t the right time back then, because their first existence only lasted for one concert. Now they ride again, musically much more thrilling and mature. FREAKLINERS are currently working on new songs for a planned album in Copenhagen. Besides the new material, the current set of songs consists of a handful of L.U.L.L. songs from all phases of the band, plus one or two cover songs. When you listen to “Don’t wanna know if you’re lonely” by Hüsker Dü, as an outsider you are automatically struck by the level of musical skill and knowledge.  For the four members of FREAKLINERS, the focus is clearly based on writing new music, but as long as it’s fun playing the old songs, they are always happy to do so. Live, the band will concentrate on Northern Germany and Scandinavia for the time being. Stay tuned, something wicked this way come…  (Text: Helge Schreiber)

FREAKLINERS > Rides again!

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