Joey Joshberg Screenshot

Joszi wrote the song a year ago, two months after Putin started the war against Ukraine and when it slowly became clear that it would last a very long time. Now the production of this song and then the video also took a very long time – but Russia is still at war with Ukraine. And unfortunately we have the impression that people in Germany are getting more and more used to it after the initial horror. Hence this video. “As a songwriter, I want to make a small contribution to not accepting this war as “normal”, but to perceive it for what it is: a crime against humanity and against peaceful coexistence in Europe.” Feat. Ingrid Gößmann on harmonica, Helge Lamm on whistle and Kent Nielsen and Totti Scharfenberg from Ukes Of Tomorrow on ukulele and mandolin.
Here is the link to the clip:

UKES OF TOMORROW > New video clip by Joey Joshberg feat. Ukes of Tomorrow!

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